Friday, 25 March 2011

TrUtH Vs LiE vS hOpE

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحَيْمِ

I was on my 13th playback on the recent james morrison's latest single 'broken strings' when a part of the chorus catched my attention….
'the truth hurts…but a lie's worse…."
It got me thinking… is it true?

I remember one of the famous hadith which says ' berkatalah benar sekalipun ianya pahit'.. It is so common in our life… at one point, I thought it was some kind of peribahasa or something, u know… in m'sia, we use this in all kind of situation, right from religious talks to cynically/jokingly "advises" our friends…

all this is to preach one simple thing…always tell the TRUTH...

The funny thing is… we cant keep our own tongue from uttering lies, whether it’s a white lie or just a lie..why is that? For me, the answer is simple, because truth HURTS...most times…

but a lie is suppose to be worse, right?
Well, indeed it is….but BEWARE in todays world, lies sometimes hide in the name of HOPE….

its not wrong to hope, right?!
Well, it's not…we need hope in our life… when we have hope, we wont give up easily, bcoz knowing there r chances to succeed in anything…..a cancer patient need to hope that there r chances for longer life… a student would hope to succeed in exams….

When is hoping bcomes lying?
It's easy… when we deny the truth n just bcoz wanting something else to happen….

Sometimes, finding the truth is easy, but the hard part is whether we want to see it and ACCEPT it or we're just gonna blind ourselves for reasons like love n trusts n HOPE…

We don’t wanna call it lies, bcoz it's terrible! But 'hope' is okay, rite????

People who lies r liars…but what about people who lies in the name of 'hope'?

“You can think I’m wrong, but that’s no reason to stop thinking…” =)


  1. this is so you nocturnal!

    i can hear your voice while reading dis. :p

    neway.. c u dis sunday insyaallah!

  2. The post that always keeps me 'thinking'. Talking about hope, reminds me of the 'breaking bad news' session I had from a specialist oncology nurse. Indeed so. Thank you nocturne for the lovely reminder. ^_^

    I second ':)' to. Haven't heard your 'voice' for a long time. Lets feed me with those this Sunday. ^_^

  3. i love james morrison's broken string!!!! :D
    lama xdgr lagu u bring new perspective whenever im listening to it, hehe...