Monday, 14 February 2011

Deed that is loved most by Allah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

'Abdullah said that he asked the Prophet which deed was LOVED MOST by Allah, the Exalted. He said: "prayer which is performed at its time" ' - Bukhari
(taken from a book entitled A day with the prophet, written by Ahmad Von Denfer)

InsyaAllah, as a Muslim, I think it is not a burden for us to perform the daily prayers, right? :) but just performing it is not enough.


Take a look at the Hadtih quoted above; and ask yourself "Have i been praying all the 5 daily prayers at its times??

For those who answered "Yes!"
Alhamdulilah, May Allah reward you as much and may He bless you always! Keep up the good work!

For those who answered "Eerrmm depends on which prayer". (Subuh laa slalu kantoooii bgn dekat2 syuruk)
Alhamdulilah, May Allah reward and bless u too! As a Muslim, we always need to strive harder to be the best, hence we need to keep up with the people who answered "Yes!". Afterall, We are THE BEST UMMAH, so let's prove that!

May Allah gather us in Jannah insyaAllah.


  1. da jumpe yeay yeay da jumpe
    x leh smunyi smunyi

    hehe keep it up big kid! (yg tumpahkn nestum atas my duvet! hahaha)


  2. Erni: took it frm ur book that i borrowed :) eh mcm mane awk tahu blog ni?
    Aisyah gedik: gedik!